Mission, Vision, Goals and Objectives

Thriving Participatory Communities

Cultivating a Diverse and Successful Co-op Sector in our Region

The Upper Columbia Cooperative Council works to strengthen cooperatives and credit unions of the Upper Columbia region of British Columbia by providing a structure through which members can collaborate on the promotion and delivery of their services, and by facilitating the sharing and development of resources among members. The Council also aids in marketing the co-op identity to members and the general public through awareness-raising campaigns and events.


1. Provide a structure through which coops in Southeastern British Columbia can meet;

2. Facilitate joint promotion and the marketing of members and their interests;

3. Facilitate collaborative planning for members;

4. Facilitate shared education and training for members and boards;

5. Educate the region about the principles and techniques of cooperative enterprise;

6. Promote the development and use of the co-op model for the economic and social development of the region;

7. Secure funding to enable the Association to achieve economic sustainability to fulfill its goals and to provide for the needs of its members;

8. Assist members to effectively present their interests at the regional, provincial, and national level;

9. Promote linkages between regional co-ops and the broader co-op community through membership in BCCA;

10. Ensure benefits and services as members of the BCCA.