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Co-op Youth Stories Project - get involved!

The Co-op Youth Story Project is an exciting initiative of the BC Co-op Association, to commemorate 2012, The International Year of Co-ops. It is working to pair up young "detectives" with co-ops and credit unions around the province who want to promote their co-ops by having their stories told.

The detectives sleuth out the stories, and then work with artist mentors to tell them..the stories then become part of a tour that will come to Nelson in the Fall of 2012. More details online at: www.theyes.ca/co-op-youth-story-project/

If you represent a co-op or credit union---What you should do now:

  • Think of an "angle" on your co-op/credit union that would make an interesting story someone might want to investigate/tell through art. This could be how you started, obstacles you overcame, ways you've helped members, or built community, an interesting personal story of one of you members, or even a few different stories.
  • Write a short, simple description of it ( it can be in point form)
  • Provide a contact person who can be a starting point for youth to find more info (they don't necessarily need to know a ton about the story, just know where to look, or who to talk to).
If you are between 13 and 25 years old:
  • ¬†Register to be one of the storytellers!
  • ¬†You could win $1000 toward your education!
Send this information to sarah_hyde@ bcca.coop.

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