The Upper Columbia Co-op Council is teaming up with the Basin Business
Advisors’ Program this winter to spread the word about why the co-op
businesses model is known as the Swiss Army Knife of local economies.

The UCCC will host a number of Co-ops 101 luncheons throughout the
West and East Kootenay in December and January, to explore how co-ops
can ignite business ideas for entrepreneurs,artists and artisans,
retiring business owners, graduating students, health care
professionals, farmers, consultants, car users, childcare workers and

Community leaders and those already involved in the co-op/ credit
union sector are invited to find out more about the benefits and
mechanics of co-operation.

Participants in the Co-ops 101 sessions will build an understanding of
the basic structure, principles and values of co-operative
enterprises, while learning about examples of thriving co-ops in a
variety of sectors across the province– from the large scale
international operations of Best Western Hotels, to Shift, the
4-member bicycle delivery worker co-op in Vancouver. Co-op businesses
creatively generate employment while enhancing economic and community
development in the area. Co-op enterprises thrive in times of economic
and social challenges, bridge the gap between business and people, and
enable individuals to do together what they could never do alone.
Their adaptability to virtually any business sector has earned them
the “Swiss Army Knife” comparison, and the engaged network of co-ops
and credit unions in Southeastern BC provides a built-in support
system for co-op entrepreneurs.

See the calendar for session dates and locations.