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Council Membership is open to any co-op or credit union in the Kootenay/ Boundary Region of Southeastern British Columbia. We welcome applications for membership from any organization located within the area.

Why Become a Member?

The Upper Columbia Co-op Council strives to benefit its members in the following ways:

  • By providing members with full membership in the BC Co-op Association, while enabling them to pay their dues locally
  • By facilitating credit unions and co-ops to promote their services to a dedicated market
  • By promoting economic stability and growth in their communities
  • By enhancing the development of regional co-op businesses
  • By allowing co-ops and credit unions the opportunity to express their co-op values
  • By raising public awareness of the region’s vibrant co-op sector, and promoting the connection of credit unions to this sector
  • By providing a structure through which local co-ops and credit unions can share resources and best practices
  • By supporting emerging co-ops to further strengthen the local economy
  • By assisting co-op and credit union members to effectively present their interests at the regional, provincial, and national level
  • By facilitating shared education and training for members and boards
  • By providing credit unions and co-ops with an affiliation to a regionally active community development organization, with demonstrated broad-based support from their cooperative colleagues
  • By providing a simple way in which credit unions and co-ops can adhere to the 5th and 6th Co-op Principles: Education, Training and Information; and Cooperation among Cooperatives

Download the Membership Application Form below, and return it to

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